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同學: Willis

Trinity Communication Skills

獲取錄學校: 九龍塘小學

Willis' Story

“My son received the offer from Kowloon Tong School (Primary Section) on 13 May. We are most grateful for all the guidance and assistance from Glory Learning House. Due to the severe epidemic situation, we were required to produce videos for both rounds of interviews. My son was asked to read a poem of our choice for the video to be submitted in the first round of interview. I picked one in Putonghua at first, hoping that it could help show my son’s language abilities. After consulting with Raymond Sir, I decided to change it to one in English. My son’s video was made in Glory Learning House Raymond Sir’s advice and professional coaching successfully got my son through the first interview. I even submitted the very same video to a territory-wide speech competition and my son came in third among all K3 participants.


I was thrilled when I got the invitation for the second interview. But the questions and requirements got me stymied. During the consultation with Raymond Sir, he went through all the questions with me with patience and provided tips on how to answers the questions strategically, highlighting our strengths without drifting off-topic. Ms Joanne, who coached my son through his part on telling a story, was friendly yet professional. Thanks to her, my son could memorise a piece of text which lasted for 2 minutes within 2 lessons.


In all, we are really grateful for all the help we received from Glory Learning House.”

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